Trying Herbs to Help Us out

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What Herb do you recommend to become fertile?

False Unicorn Root
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Evening Primrose Oil
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Trying Herbs to Help Us out

Postby mmarly88 » Fri Aug 13, 2010 12:11 pm

Hey ladies
So this is my first post ever on here, looking for some support in this TTC world
We are 23 (Me) and 30 (DH) and have been TTC for 7-8 Months now, with road blocks on the way, i was 110days late for AF and just recently it arrived on monday, so now we are trying hard this month for our BFP
i have started to use some tincture herbs and was wondering if anyone else here has used any of these
I started taking False Unicorn Root on Saturday the 7th, and AF arrived on Monday the 9th, I have a feeling this herb may help lots

Im also now taking Vitex (tincture) 3-4x a day, Black Cohosh (Tincture, To stimulate O), Cramp Bark (Tincture as well)

I am hoping that these combinations will help with getting and staying pregnant, looking for any advice for these herbs

also waiting on my basal therometer to get here in the mail *couldnt find any in stores in northern ontario grr lol)
Ladies i look forward to sharing this journey with others

live love laugh xxo
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Postby shanteria06 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:39 pm

I took Vitex before getting pg with my last 2 pregnancies. Its great for leveling out hormones. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't take black cohosh though as it can cause a m/c. Black cohosh is more for pms than ttc. Try evening primrose instead. It helps a lot with cm and it does wonder for the skin too. But only take epo up until O beacause it causes contractions. And if you want to try an herb to help stimulate O, try soy. I've been hearing so many good reviews about it. Its the herbal form of chlomid. You take it cd 1-5, 2-6, or 3-7(you may to double check on the days though). Good Luck!!!
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