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Postby TTCwPCOS1809 » Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:44 am

So after talking to a cousin of mine. I started telling her that I was looking for "alternative" ways to fix my infertility. I told her about Fertilaid. A friend of mine told me about this almost a year ago. I havent had the money to get it until now. My cousin, said that she knows how much I want to have a baby. That she wants a little baby cousin to spoil. She is going to send me the money to order the Fertilaid. LETS HOPE IT WORKS!!!!

You guys have no idea how greatful I am. How much I really do appreciate this!!

But, my one thing. Do you know if I should find another gyn? One that is an OB/GYN instead of just a GYN. So I can be put on Clomid without having to go to a specialist? My GYN wont put me on anything but Metformin.

I have been contemplating it. But I cant exactly just call the office and find out. Its a little weird lol.

Help me? :dunno:
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