Anybody have any advice?

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Anybody have any advice?

Postby janee » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:20 am

So this may be a little long, but I am really going crazy, so any responses would be appreciated.

TTC #2 and have been off b/c since August 2010. No BBT, but I do check my cm & cp. Last af was 12/25 (thanks Santa) and that was my 4th 28 day cycle in a row. It was 29 before that and 26 before that....needless to say, I've been pretty regular since coming off b/c...although I really don't know when I ovulate...OPKs don't seem to ever give me a true +. I didn't get any of my normal af symptoms 7-10 days prior to her due like I usually do. A little crampy a few days before she was due, but not normal af cramps.

I was due for af 01/22...nothing. So I took an IC...also, nothing! Started really having bad sleepless nights and in the morning found myself really having trouble getting out of bed with DD. My muscles also ache sooo bad (mostly my back and neck). I have been getting slight headaches on and off as well.

Still no af, so I took a test on Monday morning another IC and I really though I saw a faint line. I posted it and got mixed reviews of evap vs bfp. So I waited and went and bought an answer test. Took it this morning, still no af, and figured it gave hCg 48 hours to double and nothing. My cp is high, soft and what I can feel to be, closed (it is almost too high to reach and really feel). Also, I feel very wet and I have been feeling rather sexual (sorry if TMI, but I never feel this way before af...I usually don't want to be touched). And feeling emotional...which could be af.

The last time I was late, I was pregnant. I knew I was pregnant with my DD because my nipples were SO sensitive...but that was really the only symptom I had. I took a pregnancy test the day af was due and there was no doubt about it.

Now I don't know what to do. I think I'm pregnant than I don't. I felt better yesterday, but like crap again today, and I actually slept all night.

Any advice or anybody ever go through this? Do women really get late this late even when they have had BFPs with their previous pregnancies? What should I do next? I feel so lost :cry:
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Postby dylansmommy » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:32 pm

hi there, im in the same boat as you:( im 11dpo and past due on af for 5 days-its so frusterrating i just wanna know something! i took hpt and it was bfn-im going to wait until fri and take another hpt if af hasnt come then im going to the dr to get a blood test and find out whats going on! good luck and baby dust to us all:))))
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