please im so confused.

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please im so confused.

Postby natsmommy23 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:17 pm

i posted this in ttc also i just dont know where to post it lol..i am 23 tho! lol =}

so i thought i knew what i was doing but i guess not. i didnt ttc my 4 yr old..just happened...well now we are ttc...and i have a app on my phone showing my fertile days..and o we bd every other day and 2 times day before o day...i thought i was prego..took a test yesterday in morning and it was a bfp...atleast i seena pink line and so did like 7 other people..well that night the af came!! she actually came 3 days early which is very odd for me im never early always 28 days. and always on time. i have not been on any birth controll for over a yr. im actually surprised i havent gotten pregnant!! so anyways sorry about the ramble..i want to know how do i do i temp take (is there a special termo to use) how do i get ewcm because i never notice that stuff in my undies...(sorry tmi but its only thickish lotion stuff...not itchy so no infection lol..sometimes i get more watery but never ew..or not that i notice) im so lost on all this stuff...i feel so stupid. =( how do i take opk test like when do i test..please any advice helps....
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Postby Mae41083 » Tue Feb 01, 2011 9:29 pm

I'm sorry to hear that you got AF. Maybe it was a chemical pregnancy?

Don't feel stupid..I am pretty new to all of this stuff too, but I will let you know what I know.

You would need to by a basal body thermometer (like eight dollars, get an account at, take your temp every morning before you get out of the bed or do anything (it has to be at the same time everyday in order for your chart to be accurate), and then put the numbers onto your chart on fertilityfriend. I think you would also note on the chart any changes to your CM, when you BD, and any symptoms you are having (I'm not positive on that one). You can also register for a class on fertilityfriend to help explain things to you.

As for the EWCM you can get FertileCM from and that is suppose to help with the EWCM. Also, if having no EWCM is a problem, pre-seed (lubricant for you) can help as well. It has really good reviews you can also get that at

As for the OPK's I used ClearBlue Easy Digital OPK's this month (they are a little more expensive but they show a smiley face 12-36 hrs before you ovulate) and on the package it says that if you have had a period less than 25 days within the last 3 cycles you should start testing on cycle day 5, but if that isn't the case you would start testing on cycle day 10.

I hope this helps and again I'm sorry for AF showing her ugly face
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