depo shot questions

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depo shot questions

Postby amc03 » Sun Jun 12, 2011 6:52 am

Well I had on shot n Feb 2011 my af was regular before and during depo but once I decided to get off the depo thts wen it got bad. Once my shot was due n may I got af the whole month of may n first week of June. It finally stopped so I feel alot better and am ready to try to conceive. How will I know depo is out of my system? Has anyone got a bfp coming off depo?
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Postby stellalunaa » Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:38 pm

Birth control can definitely mess with your cycle!
The month long period was most likely your bodies reaction to coming off the shot. I've went through the same thing before when coming off Depo, and it's common for this sort of thing to happen when coming off any kind of birth control. You're definitely overdue a shot, so I'd say you should be ready to start trying :)

How long it will take you to conceive since comin off Depo really depends on your body. Everyones different! But I will give you some advice that will hopefully help you out :D

The last birth control I had was the implant, and my ob/gyn put me on bc pills to regulate my period after getting the implant taken out. Now that I've came off the birth control, my periods are regular. The birth control really helped. I was only on it for three months while deciding weather or not I wanted to try again for a baby. If you have problems getting your period regulated, maybe you could discuss bc for regulating it with your dr? Having a regular period really helps when it comes to tracking your ovulation accurately.

Also, have you heard of pre seed? It's "fertility friendly" lube. I've read a lot of good things about it and a lot of reviews from couples who have used it. You could check out the Pre Seed website and see if it sounds like something you might want to try.

I also recommend using ovulation calendars and trackers. They can be a huge help when trying to conceive. Here's a link to some:

Good luck & I hope my advice helped :)
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