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Postby cb_rusty » Thu May 30, 2013 12:36 pm

hi all! I'm Carleigh, DH is Daniel. We are 21, 22 respectively and have been married for 1 year 8 months!
i'm new here! This is my first month TTC, just went off my BCP's may 7. I am somewhere between Not Trying, Not Preventing and full-on TTC. I am tracking my O, but not bothering with charts and temp quite yet. I was on BCP for 5 years and just trying to get a feel for my cycles.
I worried that my body wouldn't go back to normal right away and did OPK's for a week with no positive results the week I was expecting to O. (that was last week). This week I started having crazy BCP withdrawal symptoms-nausea, headache, increased sense of smell, fatigue, etc. Did a OPK test yesterday and surprise! it was positive. I bet you can guess what DH and I were up too last night ;)

Now begins my official first TTW! I'm nervous, excited, hopeful but also am at peace with knowing it probably won't happen right away!

Looking forward to this journey and having a few online buddies to share it with!
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Re: newbie!

Postby GoGoGadget » Sun Jun 02, 2013 2:36 am

So exciting! Good luck! Tricky for you since all those symptoms you talked about in withdrawal from BCP also sound like early pregnancy if you start to feel them again during the TWW it will make your wait even more anxious! Fingers crossed for you and enjoy the ride!
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