New and confused :/

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New and confused :/

Postby KD13 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 8:17 pm

Im new to this so idk if im doing this right but! here it goes. So this is our first month ttc and it's all very confusing.

I have read a lot of things about early pregnancy CM and cycle cm. I feel like mine is all over the place and doesn't follow the "chart" exactly.

If it helps my LMP was 05/14/13 my fertile time was 05/23/13-05/29/13 and we only had one chance to DTD on 05/25/12 :( well I believe my ovulation happened on may 26 or 27 after which I was dry and I normally alway have cm. a lot of it. So much it's in my underwear constantly. I had been reading on cm and I read it was to be creamy. So I decided to check and I had what looked like EWCM on 05/30/13 :/ then later that day it was creamy and the last two days I have had a thicker sticky (stretches more then an inch) but is too thick to be fertile and sorta resembles snot (ick sorry!) it has a ting of pale pale yellow sometimes.

Is this a good or bad thing or .. I'm so confused. Did I ovulate late even though I was dry leading up to that? I read somewhere that girls have that in early pregnancy?
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Re: New and confused :/

Postby Babylove24 » Sun Jun 02, 2013 4:56 am

Hi KD, I was in same boat as you a few weeks ago. TTC month #1. No opk, no temping, just wanted to get a feel for what my body was doing. CM showed about a week after expected O (based on fertility friend) and I was then 9 days late for AF with BFN! AF showed and turns out I O'd late. Also read about CM in early pregnancy, but I guess without testing it's sometimes hard to pin point. Hopefully your situation is different to mine, could be a nice BFP for you! This month I'm using OPKs :)
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