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Postby spencerzwifey » Wed Jun 05, 2013 10:33 pm

Me:23 -Pcos IR

I was Dx in 2008 with pcos, I take metformin 500mg 3X. We have been married 2yrs & TTC 15mo. I've never had a BFP & we won't a baby badly. I was thinking if I had a TTC buddy then things wudnt b so bad. I'm on CD3. I don't think I ovulate on my own & I don't have af without meds but I started the met in late April & af showed Monday night so I guess its working. Im not really sure. Any help or advice is welcomed ... thnx
Bre (23) Dx PCOS 2008, IR
DH (25) Perfect
TTC #1
March - BFN
April. - 500mg. Met - BFN
May. - 1000mg. Met - BFN
June. - 1500mg. Met - BFN
JULY. - 1500mg. Met, Exercise -
Aug. -Sept. - Nothing
Oct. - 1000mg Met, 50mg Clomid - BFN
Nov. - 1000mg Met, 50mg Clomid - BFP

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