6th Day on Provera then Clomid?

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6th Day on Provera then Clomid?

Postby scooterville1289 » Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:16 pm

HI I would love to introduce myself and my family ...;)!!!
I am Miss Callie from Southwest Georgia. I am completely committed to my Dear Bf/Fiance'! We have been actually trying to conceive scince 2006-07. (Scince we were sweet seventeen ). So yes we grew up in a small town Scooterville. His Family grew up with my family etc. So His name is Michael and exactly 14 days apart at birth. We are planning a wedding but financially we aren't able to afford to set a date etc. So any donation accepted LOL. But yeah seriously! I along with going to College part time im a mommy to a Jack Russell aka rocky the flying squirrel. And babysitting my mother's Maltese why she's away visiting my sister and her soldier hubby in army. In Seoul Korea. With my beautiful mixed neices and nephews ages 8,7,3,2 yes my sister is fertile mertal.LOL but i have pcos and amnoreah.. since at 15.. i have started provera 1 tab daily i think its 10 mg not sure will get back with u about that but IM on my 6 the day..first couple of days couldn't tell any difference but my mood! Major! And sex drive for sure. But day 4 i bloated like 8-10 pds ..yes!!! Gained wieght. Then IM gradually getting back down..but is anyone else on procreation to start up your cycle? How long have u took it? And also how long do u take it..?and also i have clomid to help ovulation ..when should i start this? Etc.. IM a total newbie! Support needed!
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Re: 6th Day on Provera then Clomid?

Postby Wanabamommy » Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:58 am

Hi miss Callie!!
I'm Lori, this cycle I had to take provera to jump start my cycle after having a 55+ day cycle followed by taking clomid.. So I know what you are going through.. I took it for the full 10 days but my doc said if af came to stop taking it. But af didn't show til the 14th day after I started provera and I started clomid the 3rd day into my cycle.. I didn't have any symptoms really from provera and my main symptom from clomid was hot flashes..good luck to you!! :)
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