Hi, I'm new here!

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Hi, I'm new here!

Postby Songbird » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:09 pm

Hello to all, I stumbled upon this site when I was in search for information about my diagnosis..

So I wanted to start off by introducing myself.
I'm 22 yr old girl with big dreams and my OH is 28 yrs. We've been together for almost 4 years and have been TTCing since March this year (2013). I've always had irregular cycles ever since I started my period. I started taking birth control pills (Microgyn) when I was 16 yrs old but stopped taking them last March. I noticed that I wasn't getting my period and my cycle was already 80 days so I decided to go to a gyn after having BFN. He checked me with sonar and then had me take some bloodtests and then later diagnosed me with PCOS. He put me on Metformin, Primolut, and a double Pergotime. He then send me off and told me to contact him again if I haven't fallen pregnant in 3 months !

So here I am, desperately trying to find someone in the same or similar situation since I don't know anyone going through the same thing I am.. everyone around me seem to have no difficulties falling pregnant naturally.
Hope to meet some new people here, feel free to contact me :)
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Re: Hi, I'm new here!

Postby VPatel » Sat Jul 13, 2013 4:56 am

Hi songbird :)

Welcome to the forums! This truly is a great place to be...so many wonderful and knowledgable women on here who will help you through those days that seem to be long and awful! And will also wait excitedly with you on those hopeful ones :)

I wanted to say that I also have PCOS, I am 25 and understand what you mean when you say that the world seems to fall pregnant just by blinking! I think many women on here say the same thing....but the thing is - while you are going through all this, you never know (for sure) that others have not been here too.So I guess all I can say is stay positive, hopeful, and keep talking to your partner. You two will be each others greatest support through the waits!! :)

Best of luck!! xx
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