Dreaming of a Baby in 2014

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Dreaming of a Baby in 2014

Postby GAPeach317 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:14 pm

Just read through some threads, and everyone here seems much friendlier than at thebump.com!

Where do I start? I have AWFUL baby fever... I never knew the desire would be so strong. This year I will be 28, and DH will be 30. In March we will have been married for 3 years. We own a home, and both have good careers.

I spend days and nights on websites, in forums, reading blogs, and pinning pregnancy/baby stuff on Pinterest.

In November 2012 I made the decision to stop taking the Pill, as it was causing a lot of negative side effects for me. Since then, we have been strictly using the withdrawal method, and not having sex during my fertile days. At this point, we are not "trying" but not "preventing" either.

We have always known we wanted children, and I was born to be a mother. I have always had immense passion for children, as a nanny and preschool teacher.

I have a few qualms about pregnancy, which I am sure are not outside of the norm:
1) Finances - I am one of those people that always feels the need to be financially prepared - and everyone keeps telling me I never will be...
2) Morning Sickness - My mother never had any sickness during pregnancy, so I am hopeful. My only fear is that this will hinder my ability to work.
3) That DH is not prepared - A few nights ago I mentioned cord clamping, and he almost passed out. :/
4) EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS UNKNOWN about pregnancy, delivery, and parenting

People keep asking if we are "trying" and I jokingly say - "I will never "TRY" - it just has to happen!"

I suspect after about a year I will start charting my temps, but for now I am just having faith that when the time is right, it will happen.

I have a regular 28-30 day cycle, but in May, my cycle was 43 days! Those 15 days were brutal. I probably took $50 worth of pregnancy tests, completely convinced myself I was pregnant and created all the symptoms... again, not trying, but when AF came, I was SO devastated and discouraged. I was an emotional wreck. I had been very stressed, so figured that was what happened... then in June, my cycle was 43 days! AHHH! Another replay of the month before...

This monthly, oddly enough, I think AF may come early or back on track... I am on day 26, and have had very sore breasts for about 3 days now (which is not abnormal.)

Anyways, hoping for a BFP soon... :) At least by the first of the year!

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Dreaming of a Baby in 2014

Postby VickieLynn1985 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:03 pm

My cycles have done weird stuff like that stress really does play a big part, however mine are usually around 26 to 28 days so pretty normal but haven't been on BC since feb 2012 and still no little one this is killing me , don't use anything to really boost like fertility drugs or anything but basically what you do but I just don't understand what could be taking so long. Goodluck to you I really hope you get your BFP soon!
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Re: Dreaming of a Baby in 2014

Postby v0mich01 » Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:36 pm

Hi ladies. I just wanted to say welcome! and good luck.
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Re: Dreaming of a Baby in 2014

Postby GAPeach317 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 5:57 am

Thanks girls! I am on CD 29... the only ODD symptom I am having is that my boobs have been sore for about a week (usually it's just one or two days before AF). I am feeling run down and have a headache today, but I think I caught the funk going around the office. :/

I tested on Monday and it was negative... so I will test again Sunday if AF doesn't show up! Maybe this is the month! :))

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