Back after a year

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Back after a year

Postby Shesnubs » Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:38 am

I posted this in the Ovulation forums too.

a little backstory

So I was very active on this site for a little over 6 months until I fell pregnant with my DD in June of last year. (I have since forgotten my username and password, hence the new account) My DD was born a month early in February of this year due to me having cholestasis of pregnancy. My husband and I have always wanted our kids to be close in age so we have been trying for another basically since we got the ok to have sex again...but here is the problem, I EBF, so no period for me yet...the weird hormone changes that go with breastfeeding makes it very difficult to understand what the hell my body is doing or not doing...

So here are my questions. 1) anyone else ttc while EBF?
2) I have been using opks and tracking cm...I have had bouts of ewcm lasting days or weeks a few times since I had DD, but never a pos opk till this morning. The past 3 days I had gobs of ewcm and last night the opk was almost pos...this morning VERY pos. could this be hormones from breastfeeding or is it more likely my cycle is coming back?
3) We DTD last night, if it was in fact a true LH surge (hopefully followed by O day) I know I can expect to o within the next 24 to 48 question is how so after the LH surge do YOU usually O?

If you cannot answer all of my questions I would appreciate any input you might have.TY, I'm so glad to be back on this board with all of you other TTC'ers!

Baby dust to all of you!
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