Newbie: TTC Baby #3

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Newbie: TTC Baby #3

Postby mommakate » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:50 pm

Hello ladies!!! My name is Kate (24)! I'm new to and am looking for some moral support! hahaha I'm in my 5th cycle and currently 4DPO...and waiting! hahaha I have two amazing kiddo's and loving husband all excited about the possibility of a new family member someday...hopefully sooner rather than later!

Here is my current cycles chart:


I had a few questions for everyone, curious if anyone is the same or experienced the same. I started taking B6 along with my prenatal to help with my short luteal phase. (last month it was 10days) The past two months I have had spotting two days before I start my period and generally the spotting starts at 10DPO. So, I started the B-Complex to see if it will help with this at all. I notice this month charting that around O I had NO ewcm, but lots and lots of wetness. Anyone else like this?? Just curious!! If its one thing I have learned every ttc and pregnancy is SO different!!

Can't wait to know all of you ladies!! Please introduce yourself and let me know where you are in your cycle, show me charts, ect, so I can return the support girly's!!! Thanks for reading!!!!
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Re: Newbie: TTC Baby #3

Postby FFEmt61 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:43 pm

Hi Kate, didn't want to read and run. For starters my name is Kayla, I am 29 and TTC #4. I have an 11 y/o DD, 5 y/o DD, and 3 y/o (my little man). I am currently 7dpo. I have no idea how to get my chart on I noticed it has been a few days since you posted this so you should be 9dpo? When do you plan on testing? AlsoI have no idea about the B6, sorry I can't offer help there. I took folic acid, EPO, and vitamin D (I am VD deficient). I also used preseed this cycle. I am hoping that combo does the trick. Last cycle I only did folic acid. Anyway, nice to meet you and GL on your TTC journey. I hope it is a short one for you.
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