Anyone else in there 20's had a laparoscopy??

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Anyone else in there 20's had a laparoscopy??

Postby Mia131 » Fri Feb 14, 2014 12:10 pm

So me and my husband have being ttc for just over 2 years now, i'm mid 20's and my partner is in his late 20's. After a year we decided to go for some tests as things just didn't seem to be happening for us. I had an internal pelvic scan which showed both ovaries were normal size.... but no eggs... so I was prescribed which clomid to kick start egg production, and was also booked in for a HSG, where I got the devastating news that BOTH my fallopian tubes where blocked but the are unsure of how bad. Because of this they have decided to put me through for a laparoscopy to see how bad my tubes are and if they can be repaired. My surgery date is in 5 weeks, and im petrified that there will be nothing that they can do, the stage after this would be IVF which im finding hard to come to terms with. To top it off... my sister had a beautiful baby who is now 9 months old, so to see her going through her pregnancy and watch the little man grow is very hard :-/ a bit of hope would be good to hear right now :'(

thanks all xx
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Re: Anyone else in there 20's had a laparoscopy??

Postby sunshine_tt » Fri Feb 14, 2014 8:58 pm

I am 29, had one last summer for endometriosis removal. I think that no matter what the situation is, the desire to carry naturally consumes us at some point. My husband and I are ttc, and I still worry that there's something going on that the doctors missed. I have to remember that if it is meant to be, it will be. My desire to have a child is above how that child comes into my life. Good luck, and don't be nervous! It's better to know the truth than to wonder "what if".
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Re: Anyone else in there 20's had a laparoscopy??

Postby tak024 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 7:04 pm

I had one last year to confirm my unicornuate uterus (half uterus on right side, right fallopian tube only, right kidney only, and both ovaries but left is enlarged/cystic and is up in my hip instead of the normal position) after my MRI and my doctor also found/removed endometriosis.

I know what you mean about coming to terms with IVF. I'm currently on my second fertility specialist who is giving me this last cycle before he passes me on to someone else "to see what they can come up with". Our terms for IVF would be different, as with my condition comes a very high risk of miscarriage and almost guaranteed preterm/breech labor and I'm struggling with whether the cost is worth the risk.

Last year around the time of my surgery in April I had 3 women at work, 2-3 women I knew through my husbands work and a few family members all get pregnant/have children at the same time. It was especially heartbreaking that DH and I finally managed to get pregnant in July, only for it to be a chemical.

Never give up hope. I've come to realize that everything will happen if/when it's meant to. The first thing I told my second doctor when he asked what I wanted to get out of the initial visit was "I just want to know it's possible for me to have a baby," and he said "it's possible; everything is possible."
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Re: Anyone else in there 20's had a laparoscopy??

Postby depressed » Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:49 am

Yeah had mine June 25th and Im 26. My tubes were blocked from my teen stds and the dr said I had a good surgery . Well I also have a 6mth time frame before IVF. I cant afford that and I just started AF! Im over this ! DH keeps saying be happy keep trying . PMS plus clomid plus late period and then BFN equals STFU DH
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Re: Anyone else in there 20's had a laparoscopy??

Postby unpatientwaiter » Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:42 am

HI Ladies,

I havent had a lap and Im not sure if I need it but Im certainly with you Depressed on STFU DH. they really dont understand the emotional rollercoaster we are on each month.
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