I have UTI and I'm TTC #1

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I have UTI and I'm TTC #1

Postby 24andTTC » Mon May 12, 2014 7:14 am

Hi all!

Just came back from the hospital because I've been having cramps on my right side which I thought were from appendicitis. Turns out I don't have appendicitis (yay!) But I have UTI. The doc said it's good that I felt it and went straight to the ER right away. I also mentioned that I'm TTC. she gave me antibiotics that are pregnancy safe. I have to take that for a week. We even did a pregnancy test but she said it's to early to tell (I'm at 2dpo).

Anyone here who had UTI while TTC and still got pregnant when they tested? I never got fever, nausea, and other serious symptoms but I had back aches and abdominal pains which I thought were related to PMS or pregnancy.

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