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Postby Full_heart » Fri May 16, 2014 7:35 am

Hay Ladies

Okay so here goes my long story - hoping someone can shed some light.

I started my period on the 26/04. My menstruation days are usually only 6 days at most.

Now I hav fairly irregular cycles, ranging anywhere from about 28 days to about 32 days. However, what is regular is that it is always a precise week between when my period ends and when my CM changes consistency completely to become ewcm.

This change began for me this cycle on the 8/5. This is cd 13. And so on that day dh and I did the deed.
Cd14 around mid-day I went to the toilet to see pink cm on the toilet paper. Which soon changed to a brown stained cm rather than it's already pink stage. Cd15,16 and 17 the brown cm continued and was heavy enough to require a panty liner but by no means soaked the panty liner at all. It was very light. And it was not menstrual - it was very different.

Half way through cd17 it stopped. On cd19 dh and I did the deed again and cd20 I woke up to finding cm with red streaks on the tp- different to the original "bleeding". However it didn't go further than that and stopped straight after. Now this is about an exact week from when my cm changed and just short of a week from the original "bleeding".

I am now on cd21. No more bleeding.

On a 30 day cycle (which is smack bang in the compromise zone of 28 and 32 days) I am due to start on Monday the 26th.

Because of the bleeding I am due to see my gynae on Monday.

Any ideas as to what might be going on?
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