Never read into bloating this much before

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Never read into bloating this much before

Postby Zzxo » Mon May 26, 2014 9:01 am

Hi everyone, first time poster, long time reader.

Just started ttc, and I think my obsession with symptom spotting has taken over the logical part of my brain. Every time I feel anything, I google it with "ttc" and revel in the "yes that's a symptom!" responses, ignoring all the other responses that it could be related to anything else. Realistically I know that many of the "symptoms" I feel are literally part of being human.

Lately I've found that many symptoms come and go, but bloating has been consistent. I've been bloated since about 4dpo, believe I'm 11dpo today. Suddenly now that I'm trying I can't remember my af bloating calendar.

Anyone else have this extreme bloating during the tww? So bloated I've literally been asked how far along I am. Doesn't seem to matter how much gas I let go of.... Bloating remains.

Anyone else feel like a human balloon that could float away with any small gust of wind?
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