Newbie with OPK/ovulation confusion!

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Newbie with OPK/ovulation confusion!

Postby nik11 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:44 pm

My husband and I are on our 3rd or 1st cycle of TTC, depending how you look at it. The first two I wasn't charting or using OPKs, just was tracking my period with fertiliy friend app and going with the predicted ovulation dates. No luck that way, so this month decided to up the game! Based on the predicted dates from FF, I should have ovulated yesterday (Wednesday), so I did my first OPK test Tuesday. It came back positive, the lines were about the same color, the test line was slightly darker than the control line. Me and my DH DTD that night. Yesterday I tested again and BIG negative, no line at all. I assumed that meant I had already I'm not sure... Should we have DTD last night too?

I'm even more confused, because I've gone on a couple websites, including this one, and done ovulation calculators and according to them I should ovulate tomorrow. This can't be right, can it, since I already had a positive OPK two days ago and a negative yesterday?

Basically, is there any chance I'm in my TTW or should we just be better prepared and start testing earlier next cycle?
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Re: Newbie with OPK/ovulation confusion!

Postby Any1elsebutyou » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:07 pm

you should try to DTD every other day during that WHOLE WEEK leading up to and a few days after the predicted ovulation. Sperm can last up to five days in your cm. you should learn to track your cm and cp as well as use a bbt thermometer so your body can tell you when it's time. You really can't BD enough in that week if you're trying. Doing it one day won't garuntee anything. GOOD LUCK!
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