cycle day # 33, tan spotting #23-31 days? confused

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cycle day # 33, tan spotting #23-31 days? confused

Postby #baby-fever# » Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:32 pm

Hi everyone,
I'm new to here and thought it would be nice to have others to talk to that feel/understand what I'm going though every month. I'm about to be 28, DH is 28 and we are both ready to start adding to our family. I came off BCP in March 2014 and we have had no luck since. We were trying to just take it easy and let it happen on its on but I'm beginning to get impatient. We tried years ago with 2 MC back to back and I couldn't take it anymore so we stopped. Now let me stop babbling about everything and get to question.

When I came of BCP my cycle was 28 days and had always been that, then every month they kept spacing out more and more with my last one being 35 days. I'm on cycle day 33 currently and have had some weird occurrences. I tried do OPT this month but could never get a positive but should have tested twice a day around prime time and didn't so hoping it just happened and I missed it, but did have EWCM 21-23. Anyways I have had some weird spotting this month. It happened day 23-31 and was really light tan with very occasional speck of pink only when wiping and never needed liner. It would seem like there was more I'm the morning and faded to nothing by night. Has anyone had experiences like this our have any idea what it could possibly be? When we started ttc in March I was tested and diagnosed with MTHFR but wouldn't think that would have anything to do with it.
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Re: cycle day # 33, tan spotting #23-31 days? confused

Postby ActivelyTTC » Fri Sep 12, 2014 9:29 am

I dont know what it means exactly as I am trying too and I am having almost the exact same thing!

Cycle day 19 of a pretty regular 28 day cycle I started having a tan/peachy color discharge mainly after wiping but has made it to my liner a couple of times. Its so scarce though no wonder people would miss it. I obsess over every change so I pay close attention. Haha.

Whats going on with you now? I see this post was from the 9th.

Fx'd for BFP's for you and me!
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