Late period / chemical pregnancy?

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Late period / chemical pregnancy?

Postby Waylope » Sat Sep 27, 2014 7:39 pm

Evening all.
I posted in roll call earlier after several years of stalking this website. .
I wasn't sure if i should post in here or general but figured it's always nice to chat with ladies your age. I'm wondering if my late period was actually a chemical. I never got a BFP (I've never seen one of those before) but i was 6 days late. I have a 27-30 day cycle with 4 or 5 days of bleeding. I'm counting 5 days late at cd35. I don't know when i O'd because i stopped tracking years ago..
I apologize in advance for tmi and for the length of this.
Start of last cycle Aug 19th
Sept 1 sharp stabbing and dull aching pain in right side, on and off for a couple hours (normal )
Sept 2 dull ache right side (normal)
Sept 3 bright pink spotting upon wiping (n)
Sept 4 brownish upon wiping (n)
Sept 9 cd22 Migraine! Arrived at work at 630a, blind spot had started while in traffic, 615 face,mouth,hand numbness started, cognitive abilities declining, 7 pain started (all normal)
730 threw up (never happened before) 8 someone else finally arrived and i left for the doc because I couldn't stop puking. Received Tigan and Toradol (first time seeing someone for migraine and for taking anything other than otc pills )
Pain subsided around 4.
Sept 16 cd29, i normally start at 28 with 2 or 3 periods a year around 29 and 30, in my head I'm late. No cramps, no blood
Sept 17 pinching, pulling, fullness: no cramps, no blood
Sept 18 same
Sept 19 same: also fmu BFN realized my test expired in 2011 ran to cvs and bought a three pack (i haven't tested in years, I'm never late)
Sept 20 same: fmu BFN, nauseous, my 'girls' are spilling out of their cups (not normal), pink during wipe around noon, nothing else
Sept 21 same but with dull AF cramps, no blood: fmu BFN, nauseous, girls are still huge, BD
Sept 22 Monday cd35 dull AF cramps, no blood: fmu BFN, called doc first available appt tomorrow 9am, booked it, 10 am, horrible cramping, diarrhea and bleeding started. All normal AF symptoms but normally I'm woken before dawn and my day starts like that and not after waking up feeling fine. Waiting on DH to pick up pain pills on his way home. Vomiting started (not normal) took pain pills, kept them down 30 mins, threw up some more, around noon cramping subsided, bright red, thin blood staining pad all afternoon
Sept 23 Aching cramps, not much bleeding overnight, decide to see doc anyway, i have no idea what's going on, my mom bleed while carrying me during her time of the month for the first 4 months and my bleeding is so different than my other periods. 845 pee in cup for the doc, bleeding again really thin, bright red and wet, check weight 5 lbs down from last week, normally i gain water weight during my monthly, Doc pee test BFN
She said she could write me a referral for blood work the following week if my period continued being weird and i had doubts but that it could be a number of things; stress, the migraine shots from earlier this month, a chemical, other womens cycles pulling me outta whack( my bil's (new)-gf and i cycle together and we missed the same period, shes gotten multiple BFP), etc. I asked for a phone number for her recommend gyn and about who does fertility nearby. Cramping started getting worse, took 2 more pain pills. Bleeding continued to get heavier but never thicker or darker. Free flowing bright red blood, no clots
Sept 24 Bleed over night and into the day, same color but not so heavy, mild cramps in afternoon but don't need pills. Diarrhea, huge palm sized clot bright red and gelatinous (not normal) upon wiping. Bleeding started flowing with a drip again, cramping subsided
Sept 25 Light bleeding overnight and all day, no cramps
Sept 26 Nothing overnight, light brown upon morning wipe, pink after wipe for remainder of day
Sept 27 Nothing overnight, BD this morning, pale pink after wipe for remainder of day
It's 10 now and I'm not seeing anything when i wipe any more.
A normal period for me is 4 or 5 days and involves a lot of red thick blood with "stuff" in it for most of my period. The last day or two being mostly brown. Clots are tiny and chunky.
So, opinions? Late period? Chemical? Do i need to do or not do anything if i did miscarry? I've heard that a lot of first pregnancy are chemical and that you're more likely to conceive after one, anyone experience this? I'm including a link to one of the things I've read today. ... 3.abstract



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Re: Late period / chemical pregnancy?

Postby tomleonsy » Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:39 pm

I think, Better to consult the doctor. Sometimes these kinds of problems will lead into severe health issues.

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