22 & TTC baby #1 -- the waiting game

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22 & TTC baby #1 -- the waiting game

Postby CreatingBabyWatts » Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:50 am

Okay here's everything in a snap shot

CD 25 & Lp due Friday #Waiting

My lp was on the 27th of last month

DTD the 3rd 6th & 14 due to busy schedules isnt much deed time lol

Started feeling funny 16- current
And here is what I mean

I would wake up feeling light headed and really hungry like I haven't eaten in days.

Started feeling pulls and twinges in lower stomach

Stamach and boobs started itching like crazy
(Which has never been normal)

Last week I stated having a lot of egg white discharge first from my va jay Jay ( lol sorry) then a little from my boobs, nipples slightly sore when I squeeze and bra feels a little tight, my areoles look darker and I can see the little bumps better

I've been tired so I sleep all day or I can't slee at night my appetite has increased a million times,I could eat and be hungry after the last bite. My bf has been tired and hungry ( everyone around me has actually)

My period is due this Friday but my body doesn't feel right to me, am I pregnant?
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