Short luteal phase

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Short luteal phase

Postby mnb89 » Thu Oct 30, 2014 8:37 am

Hello friends!

I am the same person who's last post was about Hypothyroidism. I have it.

I have recently connected the dots that I have a "shorter than necessary" luteal phase. My past two have been 10 days, and 7 days. This cycle is on the verge of being 7 days also if I do start my period. (Wishful thinking that I won't, but we shall see.)

I know that this could be a side effect of Hypothyroidism, after doing some research, and also possibly a cause of low progesterone. I had blood work done Tuesday and my TSH is down to 2.8 (still too high but much better!) and I haven't gotten the results for my progesterone yet. I'm aware levels change throughout your blood test was 1 day post ovulation, according to my charts. I'm anxious to get the results and share with my endo on Monday.

Now that I've noticed, and researched, my short luteal phase, it's got me worried. [We all know how Googling will make us worry!]

Have any of you experienced a combination of hypothyroid / short luteal phase / possible low progesterone? I'd like to know what to specifically talk to my endo about Monday. :)
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