4th cycle of TTC and hopeful that this is it!

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4th cycle of TTC and hopeful that this is it!

Postby kaylenchristie » Fri Nov 21, 2014 4:36 pm

Ladies, why didn't anyone warn us that accidental pregnancies are sooo much easier?!

To start off, I am 22 and ready to be a mommy. DH and I have been trying for about 4 months now. I quickly learned that waiting day by day and stressing more then enjoing this process is going nowhere. This is the first cycle that I havnt paid "Too much" attention to and so far so good.

I'm 2 days late!

I still dont want to get my hopes up but its hard when there havnt been any signs of the unwelcome af.

She always pronounces her arrival the week before she shows. Just about every symptom could pass as a pregnancy symptom. She is pure evil.

But this time is different. Ive has no bloating, spotting, gas, cramps, cravings, and my monlthy bitchiness has been full out mental and emotional breakdowns. Unusual but I have also had my motherly figure pass this month. My grandma was my rock so i really hope this is it. She would have loved to hear that her baby is having a baby.

As for my off the wall symptoms:

(Assumed dpos)
1-5Dpo: nothing that stood out mainly because i purposely wasnt paying attention. One thing my grandma taught me was to NOT "watch the pot boil".

5-15DPO: the worst cold ever. It was miserable. Tender nipples (i never really get bb pain). Anything i eat does not taste right. It is very frustrating. Loss of appetite! Thats never an issue with af. I can clear out a Mexican food restaurant when i get my cravings! Sooooo emotional. I can still cry on the drop of a dime and im not the type to cry often. I try to be a tough girl but not lately. The most insane vivid dreams ever! This one has been the worst by far. The first one i was rescuing my newborn from a burning home. The second i was caressing my very pregnant baby bump and i swear to you i thought it was real! I felt everything! Even the baby moving around. It knocked the wind out of me and woke the hubby. Ive felt like these odd flutters im assuming in my uterus. Just like little twinges nothing painful. (With af i get hairpulling, curled in a ball wanting to die type cramps.)
I do feel different in a way i cant explain. I dont kniw if its because im finally a little hopeful or if this is it. Even my dad says i am and thats odd. I craved taco bell then ended up throwing it away because it was just awful. Starting yesterday, ive had a metal/bloody taste in my mouth.

Ugh. I really am hoping this is it. I want to wait until next thurs to take a test. I dont want to take one and it be a bfn, just for af to come a knockin saying "sorry im late". I would love a buddy or two to get through this one. Love and babydust to all, -hopefull mommy.
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