hcg beta levels

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hcg beta levels

Postby blessedmommyofone » Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:34 pm

Last week I took an ovulation test on Thursday, and it came back positive, so my boyfriend and I had intercourse on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ensure we conceived this cycle. I also took a pregnancy test last week when I took the ovulation test because I had one on me and was curious, it of course came back negative. Well Thursday afternoon, I had some mild cramping and very light pale pink spotting that literally only lasted for about a few minutes when I went to the bathroom, so I decided to take another pregnancy test, to my surprise it came back positive, but it was very faint, I had taken two that day that were faint. So yesterday (Friday) my boyfriend and I were having intercourse, and after we were finished I had gone to the bathroom and noticed red period-like blood on when I wiped (TMI) but it was not accompanied by cramps or any abdominal pain whatsoever. Before we went into the ER last night, I had taken another pregnancy test to ensure I wasn't miscarrying, and it came back positive and darker than the ones I had taken the day before. Well here's the tricky thing, I had a miscarriage back in December, like the last week, and was treated with methotrexate and never went back in to have my levels checked to see if they were decreasing, so the first week in January I had taken another pregnancy and it came back positive, which was to my assumption, due my levels still being up. Well on January 11th to the 16th, I had a heavy period and was told it was me shedding the leftover tissue from the miscarriage. But I did not tell the hospital of any of this last night when I went into the ER, therefore they were looking for a fetus of about 7 weeks and hormone levels that specified that. I then told her at discharge that I had taken multiple tests that came back negative until Thursday and that I had just taken an OPK last week that was positive, I then asked her if there was a chance I was still pregnant. She said if I had conceived last week, and not back in January like we were going by, then yes, and that could've been why we couldn't see anything on the ultrasound. She said my hormone levels was 82. Is there still a chance that I'm pregnant? Wouldn't the HPT's get lighter as I took them everyday if I were miscarrying?
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Re: hcg beta levels

Postby Yelibaby » Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:16 am

So your beta was 82?? Go back in for a second draw to check if they are increasing or not. Good luck!
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