Miscarriage and waiting a cycle

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Miscarriage and waiting a cycle

Postby crazybabylady » Wed Jun 03, 2015 3:36 am

So after starting to try in October and finding out I had hypothyroidism and my husband had low morphology, we finally got our bfp! Unfortunately, I knew the second I got it that I was miscarrying. Some background:
I had a period on April 2nd and was expecting another on May 4th. The morning of May 4th I took a pregnancy test and it was stone-cold negative. A few hours later I got my "period." I bled heavy for 5 days like I normally do, but continued to spot after that. In addition to spotting I was having EWCM. On May 12th, I was still spotting and cramping some, so I took a pregnancy test and got a positive. The week predictor said 2-3 weeks! I was very nervous I was having an ectopic, so I went in to see the doctor. They could see nothing on u/s, and my beta was 558. I was told to come back in 48 hours to retest it. It had dropped to 488. My doc wanted to follow me to 0. When I went back today my levels were undetectable. My doc advised me to wait a cycle before trying again.
My understanding was that you were super futile after having a miscarriage and that you had a greater chance of getting pregnant after one. I am due to start my period June 5th, but since I bled and spotted for 22 days (!) this month, will it come later? Can we try after this period or do I need to wait through this next "real" cycle?
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Re: Miscarriage and waiting a cycle

Postby Kbarron277 » Thu Jun 11, 2015 10:54 am

So sorry for your loss. My doctor told me to wait 1 cycle, just to make sure everything regulated itself out. But I have heard of doctors recommending waiting 3 cycles, it just depends on which Dr you talk to I guess. Also, my Dr said we are more fertile up to 6 months after a miscarriage.

Best of luck to you!
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