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Postby RainbowDreams15 » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:17 am

I ovulated on 9/19. We are doing the every other day method, and BD'd on 9/17. My sex drive during my fertile window was ridiculously high, and I felt myself O. I had this weird feeling like "this is the month." Since then, my sex drive has never been lower than it is currently- possibly nonexistent.
DH and I went out Sunday night (8DPO) and I had two beers, (had a bfn that morning). I woke up Monday morning around 1am so sick I could barely stand. I was nauseated, vomiting, and dizzy. I also had the worst bout of diarrhea I've ever had before I got back in bed. I tossed and turned until around 5am, and slept until 830am. I woke up hungry but very nauseated and vomited again. Later that morning I experienced low, low left sided pinching cramps that sent tingles down my thigh. It felt like pin pricks. Lasted a few hours while I continued battling nausea and dizziness. I relaxed the entire day, thinking "wow, a crazy bad hangover after two beers?! What??" Tuesday morning I woke up feeling the extreme hunger/nausea and dizziness. I ate a few bites of leftover breadsticks and felt much better. Still lightheaded. I went to work and just felt SO HUNGRY. Like a raging hunger I've never had. I kept eating small amounts of food, would fill up quick, but be hungry again less than an hour later, to the point of feeling starved. The hunger would come with mild nausea.
Today, I feel dizzy and the hunger/nausea yet again. The dizziness isn't prominent, but it's kind of a feeling like if I stand too fast or move too suddenly I'll get vertigo. I've also noticed extreme wetness in my panties ALL THE TIME. It looks like I've peed my pants, but obviously didn't. That's definitely something new.
I'm 11DPO today and my breasts are starting to ache but nothing major. AF is due 10/4, and I am so nervous, wanting to be hopeful but almost preparing for the worst because it's been 5 years of disappointments this fall, including 2 miscarriages.
Anyone have similar experiences? Just looking for feedback and reassurance before I test Friday at 13DPO.
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