Help....Need Advice Bleeding

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Help....Need Advice Bleeding

Postby Shia17 » Fri Oct 16, 2015 10:31 pm

OK health question TMI I know but I'm really concern now....Sorry if this upsets anyone but i really need advice and I don't know where else to turn
- I'm 25
- Female
- On the Pill (Dosage Decreased 2 mths ago)
- Last Period ended 11/10/15
- Period before ended 13/09/15
- Have regular sex
I really need some advice at the moment....My last period ended on the 11th, however while it went for the same amount of time as my normal period and started around the same time (1 day early) it was extremely different from my other periods....TMI but I normally have a very heavy period that last 6 days with clotting and period pain (Have to change my pad at least 3 times a day) However this period was lighter....Still a period but only used half a pad every clots and no really noticeable cramping (normal period starts out as bloody discharge and gets heavier, this period was more watery red and lighter)....I was slightly concerned with possibility of pregnancy as I had missed pills last month (had sex without any other form of contraceptive)...however period ended and I went about my daily life....Last night I noticed bloody discharge and started to cramp...this morning this has continued...gooey clear bloody discharge earlier today as well...spoke to GP access and they advised me to take a HPT....BFN this morning on first urine stream.....I'm really quite concerned now is it possible I was pregnant and have miscarried....or that I am pregnant even though I got the BFN this morning....Or is it possible the pill is messing with my hormones even though its been 2 mths since I dropped my dosage and the period before the odd one was completely normal (On new dosage)....Additional information - I have also had upset stomach since this began (Pain, nausea after eating, heart burn, burning sensation in stomach, gas) and have been unable to sleep on my breasts at night (normally no issue)....I'm really in need of advice...I can't call my regular dr until Monday and its Saturday now....should I contact GP access tonight and book an appointment with them...or am I worrying over nothing...would really appreciate the advice because the thought of possible miscarriage is devastating
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