First Time Frustration

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First Time Frustration

Postby Maria25 » Thu Nov 05, 2015 11:37 am

*this might be a rant* this was the first cycle DH and I were TTC. Ive never had a close call any other time or have i ever taken a pregnancy test. I took my first one this morning and it was a BFN. I was so heartbroken. I thought i was feeling some morning sickness the past couple of days but if that was actually a symptom of pregnancy i would think it would result in positive.

The REALLY sucky part is if i dont get pregnant like now, then we cant try again for 3 months because my brother is getting married in september and i really dont want to be 8 months preggo going down the aisle or have a 2 week old during the ceremony. Im just feeling really discouraged and all the women i work with had surprise pregnancies. ARGH!
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Re: First Time Frustration

Postby blooop » Fri Nov 06, 2015 3:24 pm

I'm sorry you got a BFN :( Don't be discouraged!
I personally think a lot of the people with surprise babies are full of it.. It's not easy to get pregnant, there's like four days a month that it's even possible and you have to be having unprotected sex. I think they just don't want to admit that they wanted to get pregnant lol.

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