Unsure, please HELP!!!!!

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Unsure, please HELP!!!!!

Postby kd21law » Sat Jan 09, 2016 11:51 pm

My boyfriend of two years and I have been ttc now since December 20, 2015. We've had sex multiple times where he ejaculated inside me. My estimated ovulation day was December 23, 2015. My last menstrual period was December 9, 2015 and my next one was supposed to come January 6, 2016. I'm not sure if what I've been experiencing is implantation bleeding or just a period. But this "period" has been very strange and unlike any other period I have experienced. Normally, my first day is light to start out and is brown in color then changes to red by day two and usually I have lots of clots and my cramps are horrible and I have a semi-heavy flow. Well this time when I started on the 6th, I had brownish pink discharge and then it changed to just brown. I have not filled any pads whatsoever, which isn't normal for me. the pads have only had spots and the brown bleeding has only been mostly when I've wiped when using the bathroom. I had one brown and yellow like clot that looked like jelly in a way but it was only when I wiped and now I've stopped bleeding and the blood never turned red and it stopped a few times periodically over the past few days. I tested two days before my expected period and got a BFN. Which disappointed me. I have not had any cramps this time around and I've never had this light of a period where it was just brown and no sign of red whatsoever. Is it possible that this could be implantation bleeding? Thanks!
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Re: Unsure, please HELP!!!!!

Postby traceyj3110 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 3:26 am

Hi, I didn't want to read and run but sending you hugs x I'm not sure about implantation bleeds as I'm ttc too and in a muddle with all the information available.
Hopefully someone on hear can give you a little advice x
Tracey xxx
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Re: Unsure, please HELP!!!!!

Postby MGalea22 » Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:41 pm

Did you end up doing another HPT or getting a blood test? It sounds a bit like implantation bleeding! I've read HPT can show bfn even 5 weeks after if the HCG levels arent high enough :)
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