23 with pcos please help

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23 with pcos please help

Postby beechsusan » Fri Jan 22, 2016 7:56 pm

2.5 years of trying only to have my doctor finally send me for an ultrasound witch told me what i knew it would, over 30+ cysts in my left ovary and 15+ in my right, so what did i do straight away, i started the Chinese herbs to try and get pregnant i was taking them for 3 days before i got a very dark positive opk, i kept testing for 2 more days and they started getting more faint as the days went on at 6dpo i got another dark positive opk, but a negative hcg, now i know it was to soon to test but with all the things i have read i figured maybe just maybe the opks were picking up the hcg and not the lh but no it seems that maybe my psoc was giving me false hope this hole time, i would also like to point out that even though i have pcos i have a 100% 28 day cycle and have never had any issues charting it.
here is a time line of symptoms and opks
i would love any feed back you girls could give me
9th day of cycle and i did a opk, BFN
10th day left pelvic pain (cramps)and headache
11th day left and right pelvic pain(cramps) and headaches
12th day of cycle and i did a opk, still negative but darker than the last also did the dance
13th day of cycle more mc than usual headaches nausea and pelvic cramps also did the dance
14th day of my cycle very dark positive on opk with nausea, increased cm and pelvic cramps
15th day of my cycle tiny amount of nipple discharge, increased cm and did the dance
16th day of my cycle another negative opk result, dizziness pelvic crams and increased cm did the dance
17th day of my cycle another negative opk result, back pain, headaches, gassy, insomnia, increased cm, bloating, nausea.
18th day of my cycle another negative and symptoms the same as the day before.
19th day of my cycle BFP opk very dark positive, back pain, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, frequent urination, gassy, bloating, big appetite,
20th day of my cycle all the same symptoms as the day before.
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