AF after M/C... how soon after?

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AF after M/C... how soon after?

Postby sexychiquita » Fri Oct 26, 2007 8:32 am

Hi ladies!
Well as u know, i had my 2nd m/c on 26th sept of this year...
Ummm i was 6wks 2dys along when i started to bleed...
I bled for approx 4 to 5 days... from the wednesday to the sunday...
I stopped bleeding then i bled again from tuesday to wednesday, then it was completely over...

Now? Here's the story...
My cycle usually lasts 29 days, and with my 1st m/c, i went back on my normal cycle right after... 29 to 30 days after i m/c'd i had my 1st af... only difference is that i didnt try to get pregnant right after that m/c, and that pg i was a little more than 2 mths along.

If i calculate correctly using the 26th as CD1, today is CD31, so af is late two days... I have no signs or symptoms that she's on the way.. no cramps, no stomach pains, nothing, and i usually do the day b4 she's due...

For all those who've had m/c's, and have had their 1st period after it, how far along were u with ur pg when u m/c'd and how long after did u get your af (using the first day u bled as CD1)?

I'd really appreciate some advice, personal experiences and suggestions to this, coz i'm really confused... df and i were ttc right after this m/c and i've tested, but only got bfn's... my last pg, i didnt get a bfp till CD36...

(PS I've added a poll so tht it'll be easy to track the answers...)
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