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Underweight and struggling

Thu Nov 02, 2017 2:46 pm

So I'm 34 and 20 lbs underweight (and that's to hit the lowest end of my ideal weight). I've had 2 children, recently got married. Me and my husband have been ttc for 6 months (I know, not that long so why am I whining). Pregnancy obviously hasn't been an issue for me but this is the thinnest I've been. I have a lot of diet restrictions so I'm having trouble getting the calories I need. I'm almost positive this is the reason I'm struggling and just looking for advice or something to get my body back on track.

Re: Underweight and struggling

Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:17 am

Hi there,

I see you got no replies. How are you getting on now?

Having low body fat can hamper things, yes. What sort of diet restrictions do you have? Cuz you can get alot of good calories in through shakes, for example.

Let me know how you are getting on :)
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