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Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sat Mar 03, 2018 4:07 pm

Hey there welcome! Wow 7 years that's really impressive. I hope you have better luck with Clomid.
I hope 2018 is the baby year for all of us :)
I'm at cd14 now, no ovulation yet, but already feel impatient to be done with this cycle. The patience thing is so hard for me. I could learn from you!
Where are you ladies at in your cycle? Anyone will be in the tww next week?

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 04, 2018 11:05 am

I'm so happy that my bbt increased today at cd15 unlike last cycle when it was delayed. Our bd timing was good this time. Fingers crossed! Tww here we go...

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 04, 2018 3:22 pm

Hiya BebeCK and the rest, I'm Kat, me and OH been trying five years (plus going back to my ex, we also tried two years so I've had a total seven disappointing years of TTC) Knew something was up but never looked into it until recently, when someone advised us that funding for IVF is cut off at age 35 round our way. So as we're 31 and 32, off to the docs we go. God bless the British healthcare system, I dunno how you ladies who have to pay for all this stuff deal with it...

Learned OH is fine but I don't ovulate, or at least I didn't during two 21 day progesterone tests. Which makes sense given the lack of conception, though I have VERY regular 27/28 day cycles and always have. Weird. I think maybe I O late rather than not at all, but doc disagrees and I guess she knows best.

So we started Clomid this cycle. Which majorly sucks tbh - during the pills I had hot flushes, waking up every other hour, massively emotional (I genuinely had a meltdown at OH because his dad had the discourtesy to go and die, thereby stressing us both out and potentially jeopardising our chances this cycle in the process - major cringe! Thankfully they weren't close or anything but still, jesus, I am the actual devil!) Hopefully all be worth it though. :oops: :oops: :oops:

Right now it's cd24 for me, and I may be 4/5dpo - or I may not have O'd at all. My last ultrasound at cd18 showed my follicles still growing and the nurse didn't know (didn't care?!) when or if they'd pop. I asked about a trigger shot but she said she didn't know anything about it. OBGYN notoriously hard to pin down so no point asking her. Basically left to our own devices to see out the cycle - though I've had day 21 bloodwork (on day 22) but no results yet.

AF should be due in four days, based on my very regular 28 day cycle. Normally I'd feel her coming already, or at least my boobs would, but they're fine and happy. I'm also shattered - slept nine hours Fri night, woke up 10am, went into town and after an hour I had to come back and lie on the sofa for the rest of the day - not like me, I do not nap and I usually only have six/seven hours sleep a night. I'm also permanently hungry, also not like me at all. Eating three meals a day, plus snacks, and today I finished an immense Sunday roast which I've never done my whole life! (It was blummin' lovely too, all credit to OH for his kitchen efforts). Plus I was up three times to use the loo last night - BUT I did take a cuppa up to bed so let's not read too much into that one... Oh, and I got my CM back right after what I think might be O day (I had weird UTI pains, but hey, could have been a UTI, I drank some cranberry juice and they buggered off again the day after...) Clomid massively dried it up, then I had tons of the stuff for the last two days. Finally settling down again today.

Now, all these things could be Clomid. They could be new AF stuff. They could be PG signs (very unlikely, waaaay early even in best case scenario) or they could just be my aging body getting rather random. I just don't know!! TTC was bad enough when I was just going at it without any extra input- now with all this clomid stuff I'm proper baffled and every little thing seems weird.

TBH although we've been trying so long and we've hit our thirties, it wasn't really stressing us - we weren't in any rush. We'd only be the third couple of our friends to have a kid, it's not like everyone's having them or we'd hit the stage where everyone around us seems to be knocked up. BUT now we know there's a problem it's like we're both possessed :rofl: . OH keeps looking up from his phone and going 'hey, what's DTD? What's ECWM?' so I know he's forum-lurking as much as me. He's also just ordered some preseed as he thinks it will help, and he came home the other day with a list of 'fertility foods' he'd researched. He works at the hospital with loads of women so he's got plenty of people to talk about this stuff with. Me, I work at home, our friends live quite far away, I don't drive or anything, and I don't see a lot of people regularly, so I feel a bit isolated. Thank goodness for him, he's a rock. <3

So, that's us. Long post, sorry. I'm just hoping to find some folk who might make this whole confusing nightmare of a process a bit easier, and maybe to have some laughs and make some friends along the way. :D

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:29 am

Hi Kat and everyone, any updates from you ladies? Anybody got a bfp? As for me I'm at 5dpo based on my BBT and already i can't wait to start testing. I will wait until 9dpo. I've been tracking CM too and it suggests my peak fertility day and my ovulation day might be 2 or 3 days apart which concerns me a little. Anyone experienced the same?
By the way Kat did you try charting your temperature? It would help you determine if you ovulate (after the fact).
Anybody in the? Good luck everyone!

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:38 am

Hiya! BFN yesterday, cd27 and somewhere between 0dpo and 9dpo (as can't say for sure if O happened, or when). No sign of AF today (I'm sometimes a day or so early but never late - damn Clomid messing with my cycles) - waiting for her to arrive so we can start again on a fresh cycle. Normally willing her to stay away, now here I am wishing she'd just show up ahaha
No not tried temping, OBGYN said not to bother as the ultrasounds and bloodwork would be enough to know if I did or not. Guess she got that wrong lol

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:19 am

Hey! I hope you don't mind if I join. I've been lurking around for a while and feeling the need to jump in now. I'm 37 yo and decided to join the site at the start of Jan 2018 so that I could start a January IUI group. Me and OH were scheduled to start our first round of IUI mid Jan when AF was due. Low and behold AF didn't arrive and I got my first ever BFP at 13DPO only for it to end in a CP at 5 weeks exactly.
Although it was devastating, we started TTC again straight away as the EPU where I had my scan to confirm the loss had said there was no need to wait.
I couldn't believe it when exactly 4 weeks later at 13DPO I had my second ever BFP.... which unfortunately ended at 5 weeks once again.
We had actively started TTC in Oct 2016 (not counting the year before where we were NTNP). So it did come as a shock that we conceived two cycles in a row back to back even though we had been trying for 15 months before without any luck.

At the start of our TTC journey I was quite naive as to how long it would take and the effort required to get that BFP :/ I knew nothing about timing BD, OPKs, BBTs, EWCM or anything related to baby making - I thought just BD once in a while would be enough. After a few months of nothing happening and starting to obsess, I went to my GP and had Day 21 test + a scan to rule out any fibroids / polyps / cysts etc.. Everything came back fine as did OH's SA.
At the same time I also started charting my BBT and using OPKs. After a few more months of timed BD and a whole year after we actively started TTC we were referred to the fertility clinic of my local hospital - I had more tests - AMH / FSH were all normal - If anything my ovarian reserve was slightly higher than expected for my age. I also had a HyCoSy and my tubes were completely clear. Basically, we had every test we could and everything was normal.
I live in England where IVF is free - I am entitled to have 3 rounds before the age of 40, so I have been scheduled to start treatment this summer. In the meantime, we thought we would try a few rounds of IUI before we start IVF in case that works.
I'm not sure if the pressure of TTC eased off once the Fertility Clinic was involved and a plan was being put in place - hence the BFP's - or if it was any of the other wacky old wives remedies I was trying out that worked (cough syrup around O / preseed / CoQ10 / Vit D3 / Fish Oil / Evening Primrose oil etc...). I had also started Acupuncture at the end of November which I believe helped me relax a lot!
At the moment, I am mess of emotions (I'm sure my hormone roller coaster has something to do with it) - I am at CD15 today, which is my usual Ovulation day so keeping my fingers crossed for this month.

If you've taken the time to read my story, thank you very much for getting to the end!
I've found this site very helpful in the last year since I came across it and feel its very sad with all the opportunist spammers praying on vulnerable women - so think its important to keep it alive and going with real women trying to support each other.

So what CD / DPO are you ladies at and is anyone testing?

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 11, 2018 12:45 pm

Welcome Dini! What a journey and sorry for your losses. Your perseverance is inspiring! I worry to have to go through so much but when I read from you or other women who have been through much more it humbles me and motivates me at the same time. I hope this cycle is it! Do keep us posted! I am at cd22 and 8dpo and the weekend is so hard because so much more time to obsess! Today I'm even doing symptom spotting against my will like are my boobs sore... am I moody etc. Too funny because I read 4 books on ttc now and I know symptoms are rarely felt that early. But it doesn't matter what I know, during the tww I can act very irrational lol. Today I refused to go jogging with my husband just in case lol
Where is everyone else at in their cycle?

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:51 pm

Thank you Bebe! i have also found reading people's stories very inspiring and motivating! I read your post at the start of this thread and saw that you're on your 5th cycle. I hope this is the one for you!! At 8dpo you're not too far from testing! Keep us updated! When are you planning to test?

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:02 pm

Hello! Where did everybody go? Any updates anyone?

I guess I haven't been very active updating myself... I joined another thread on ttc support during my tww since I needed daily distraction :)

Well my update is that another cycle done and AF started today :( Starting my 7th cycle of ttc now. It feels like a long time already but what else to do? Gotta keep trying! I ordered opk for this next cycle even though with CM and BBT I already know my fertile window, just trying to get even more info about my ovulation haha. Not sure what else I should try? We are already using preseed and doing a lot of bd. I try and tell myself it's a sign that there are more things for us to do before we have a child. Maybe travel? Maybe when I stop wanting it so much it will happen, just like other women have shared. It's so hard to stop wanting though...
What about you ladies?

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:06 pm

Dini, any good luck on your side? I hope so!

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:29 am

Hey Bebe, sorry to hear you're out this month :( It's so disheartening when AF arrives, try and keep your hopes up even though it feels completely impossible right now... you said you've been BD a lot within the fertile window, could it be that it's too often and your OH's swimmers don't have enough time to replenish. So the closer you get to O day, the less of them are about? The specialist told us to only BD every other day and not every day even though OH has plenty of swimmers. So maybe that's something you could try! Also, if you've had 6 cycles already, this would be a good time to visit your GP/doc for a check up that you and DH are both working ok.
Last edited by Dini on Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:38 am, edited 1 time in total.

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:37 am

As for me, my cycle seems to be all over the place this month after my 2 back to back CPs. I normally O on CD15 but it looks like I'm late this month. FF has me at CD17 but my other app which has been more accurate won't say if I've O'ed yet :/ So I'm either 5dpo.... or something else completely. I'll keep you updated! PS. Does anyone know if Evening Primrose Oil can delay ovulation?

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Sun Mar 18, 2018 5:19 am

Yo! Not a lot to report here - CD9 so still a bit to go. :)

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:43 pm

Hello ladies. I'm only at cd5 now so not much to tell. I will probably start reporting when I get in my fertile window again since I will try and use opk for the first time. Oh, i did schedule a consultation with doc next week to start fertility check up. I hope it will help but I'm a little nervous :)
How is everyone doing? Any updates?
Ps I don't know anything about primrose oil.
I did have a late ovulation 2 cycles ago. It went from CD14 to cd18 and then it went back to cd14. No idea why but it got me worried at the time. I guess it just happens and it's quite normal from what I've read.

Re: ***ROLL CALL TTC in your 30s***

Thu Mar 22, 2018 4:06 am

Hey hey! Good luck with the fertility check. I was nervous as hell thinking the worst but since I got answers as to what was stopping us, and a potential fix for our issues, I've got my positive attitude back and then some. It is always worth seeing what the docs say :)

My update - about to head off for first follicle scan of this cycle. It's CD13. Little to report until they've had a look at my insides. Been busy with the BD every day. Presume cycle will be like the last one, so not expecting O til day 20 ish - but just to be sure, we're hitting every day from end of AF to the start of the next one hahaha. Preseed going alright, though BD still uncomfortable but apparently that's normal for Clomid cycles.
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