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Postby kez71 » Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:25 pm

Zohbee the wizard of oz theme sounds great..im looking forward to pics! I hope you get to have your vbac in a week or 2!
DH has our camera in UK, so im afraid there will be no pics of my hair..lol

Hang, how did it go with ex? that is a weird coincidence!!

babatte, how was the wedding?? did they end up with a reception? and you had the 5k walk..you had a busy weekend!! DH will like my hair as he went to UK with purple in his..lol..but by the time he gets home it will be mostly faded away i think!

motox im so sorry about your brother and his family. I hope they can work it out.

afm, not a lot..its turned really cold here, so ive been mostly watching tv next to the heater!! i haven't done much about exercise and losing weight..im trying to concentrate on the PH of my body instead..eating more alkaline foods and just trying to relax and let go of it all. A friend prayed over my belly and asked God to clear my tubes..and honestly i have been feeling a lot of twinges and strange sensations on my left tube area..all things are possible!


Me(43!!) DF (47) TTC #1 since jan 06

M/C Dec 08 7 weeks
Lap/hyst/dye work Aug11th 2010- Blocked tubes
First IVF Oct-Dec 2010 BFN- chemical :(
IVF#2 April/May 2011 BFN :(
FET #1 July 2011BFP!!! MC 10w3d
FET#2 Feb 2012 BFP!!! MC 8 weeks
IVF#3 July 2012 BFP Baby Girl born April 2013
FET #3 Feb 2015 Beta due 12th March. stick baby!

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Postby Hanging-in-there » Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:00 pm

I have been avoidng the encounter with the EX. We are slowly reaching the date so I am sure I will need to come in contact with him soon.

Just booked a trip for the three of us to go to Mexico (Maztlan) in July for a week. TTC is on hold as I want to wait until work is over (first week of July) and I get back on my trip. It may be August but I feel I have to take this break. I think I went too hard and burned out on the drive and process. I have to clear my head (and body) to give it my all. I will be off in July and August so I will be starting AF after my return. I don't know if this is my best decision ever but I need to do this. I am also going to try to shed 20 pounds!!
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