Was I pregnant? Or did I just think I was

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Was I pregnant? Or did I just think I was

Postby lex526 » Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:05 pm

Hi Moms,

TTC #3. We just started last cycle. At 6dp, I started cramping lightly, days following I started having sore boobs which I only get during pregnancy, extreme bloating, lightheadedness/dizzy, increased vaginal discharge and leakage from my nipples!!! Took several tests starting on day 10 as I was sooo sure I was preggers. All negative. Got AF on 7/15, as normal. Cramping was a bit more intense on first day and much more clots than normal. The rest of my period seems normal and uneventful. I keep thinking 'chemical pregnancy' but every where I read they say I would have had a positive test at some point if that were the case. I swear I had all my usual preggers signs, but then again, I really want to get pregnant so maybe it was all in my head. Any thoughts or similar experiences?
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Postby babydreams22 » Mon Jul 18, 2011 4:21 am

Lex,there were months that i tot for sure i was preg,all the sxs and all that but ended up with a/f.hormones can play a lot of tricks on our system,its all so complicated.
if you tested positive at some point then it was a chemical,if not,then ur hormones were just well all over the place.i had a chemical.gl
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