New and a little nervous

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New and a little nervous

Postby lyssa615 » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:28 am

Hi, I am 34 and went off the pill in April to try to get pregnant. It took me this long to settle down with a man who is actually right for me! Anyway, I am surprised it hasn't happened by now, esp. since I've been using OPK. I know 7 months isn't THAT long but like most others, I'm eager! My fiance has a 3 yr-old son from another marriage but this will be my first.

Ever since I got off the pill I've been experiencing spotting each month starting around day 16 and cont. until I get my period on day 30. I'm wondering if this is the symptom of something that's preventing me from becoming pregannt?

Anyway, If I get my period this month, I have decided to call my OB/GYN but I am already nervous that they will find something wrong and maybe I'll never be able to conceive. The blood tests, ultrasounds, etc. make me so anxious just thinking about it.

I guess I just wanted to introduce myself because I know I'll need support. I've always suffered from anxiety and know this will be tough for me but worth it in the end hopefully! :D
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Postby MaryB81 » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:50 am

It is probably your body adjusting to not being on the pill anymore and it will sort itself out in time. When I cam came off the pill I had no periods for 6 months and then I felt really hormonal ALL the time (not just that time of the month). In the end I took the alternative route and saw a herbalist who prescrbed me a medicine which included Vitex amongst other things. I feel that this really sorted me out and I now have a very regular cycle and steady moods (herbal medicine does take a few months to show results though). If you think seeing a doctor would put your mind at rest then do it. I'm sure you are already aware of this but anxiety can actually make it more difficult to conceive (sorry to be annoying!)

A bit of hope for you - my best friend came off the pill to TTC and didn't have periods. She had no idea if or when she was ovulating. 7 months later she found she was pregnant (still no periods).

I'm sure your time will come soon! :) Keep us updated on your progress this month. And stay calm :D
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Postby afireinside » Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:02 pm

First of all welcome lyssa and it's normal to be nervous/anxious. Typically couples with no infertility issues will get pregnant within 1 year of trying - I was told not even to count the first 6 months I came off the pill.

If you're not having any success it's a great idea to see your OB/GYN and you'll notice a lot of us on here are suffering through this as well... some for 1 year, 2 years, 3 years or even more.

There may be lots of tests, ultrasounds, medications, etc. but it will all help you get to that end result you so badly want... your :bfp: and :pregnant2:

We all wish you lots of luck and we're here for support :grouphug:
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Postby BabsSpooner » Fri Oct 07, 2011 10:47 pm

:hi: Welcome to "the wait". :) Your spotting may be nothing, or it may be an idicator that your hormones might be a little off- ie: progesterone. I think after 7 months it warrants an OB/GYN visit to have some blood work done. Perhaps it just a low progesterone level that causes you to spot and can be easily fixed by promethium. Any who, welcome and I hope you get your answer and BFP soon :)
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