TTC #2

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TTC #2

Postby Cassandrasmommy » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:17 am

Hello all!! I've been lurking for almost a year and have finally decided to ask a question...
We are trying for #2 and had to do injectables for our first 5 years ago due to PCOS. At 9 mos (this month)of ttc we decided to do Clomid and progesterone through my OB/GYN as it seems that I have luteal phase defect (I.e., 36 day cycles with only a 7-9 day luteal phase). I took the Clomid cd5-9 and got an LH surge on cd17 (when I usually don't get it until cd26-27). So I got the surge on the cd 17 and had pos OPKs for the next 3 days as usual, but I did not experience a temp spike until cd21 when I started taking the immediately I thought I was out for this month. Then I got upset when I had a lot of creamy CM on CD 28 and started spotting brown to pink. Cd29 I had a temp drop but not below my coverline and a little more mucus with the same amount of spotting. Today, cd30 (11dpo) I have scant spotting and my temp is higher than it has ever been. Additionally, the past 5 days i have been starving, sore/heavy breasts, have had an extremely sore throat w/o any other cold symptoms, and experiencing nausea 2x per day. I will be testing in a couple of days b/c I am so tired of POAS only for BFNs. I just wanted to know if you gals think that most of my symptoms are from Clomid/progesterone or if I might have a chance this month?
Thank you for reading my lengthy post. Any and all thoughts welcome!
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