Newbie - TWW Nov 11th

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Newbie - TWW Nov 11th

Postby Shibee » Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:05 am

Hi I am new here!

DH and I are both 32. I stopped BC last year, but had a huge polype to be removed, and the procedure and follow up lasted until the end of 2011.

We have been TTC since the beginning of 2012, but not very seriously. Since June I am charting my periods, and since August using OVK. In Sept, my AF were delayed, my boobs were super sore, I remember I was wearing a shirt, and I thought that everyone could see how huge my boobs were while I was walking on the street. I really thought that we were pregnant, but then on CD 31, ugly AF were here!
I only got a OVK Pos in October (for the 1st time - August and Sept I was not using them very wisely, skipping days and so) and we BD that very night (just once that month...). It was a digital OVK with a big fat smile :)
This month, I used OVK with lines, and I was testing twice a day (and even more on the days I was home). The OVK was NEVER positive between CD 10 and CD 15. Maybe I couldn't see if the line was darker?
Anyway, we BD on CD 12 and CD 15, my cycle is between 28-30 days, very regular. Not sure when I exactly ovulated this month due to the OVK neg.... but we BD on Nov 8th and 11th... praying praying for a good news....
So well, here I am, TWW...
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