Implanon Out and TTC journey commenced!

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Implanon Out and TTC journey commenced!

Postby finnsmum » Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:41 am

Hi guys,

Not sure if you remember me, I wrote on here a few months back. I have now been made permanent in my job and will have been there a year in May. I'll give you a brief 'here is my life' lol :) :)

I have had two miscarriages one which resulted in a D&C.

In a nutshell I have horrific pregnancies including; hyperemesis (HG), chronic anaemia, bleeding (have had subchorionic Haematomas in every pregnancy) and have needed four blood transfusions. My major fear is always that I'll lose too much blood.

Anyway, had Implanon Contraceptive implant put in December 2009 and just had it removed on December 18th. I have had period-like cramping last two waiting for AF to show up. Am definitely not preggers because we havent DTD since implanon removal.

I have two children born either side of Christmas so am trying to avoid another December hoping maybe for November/January.

I've bought some ovulation sticks (never used them before) and am waiting for them to arrive. Because I havent had a period for three years, I'm waiting trying to get a hold of my cycles. Will prob not try to conceive in January so that I can get a grip of my cycles etc..

Good luck to you guys :) Anyone else had implanon?? How long did it take for your AF to show after removal?


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