TTC#1 at 36, dr referral craziness

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TTC#1 at 36, dr referral craziness

Postby cheme22 » Thu May 01, 2014 12:31 pm

Hi all, my husband and I have been TTC since we got married - it's been 10-21 months depending on how you look at it(more detail on that below). We're both over 35 and have no children. Up until now, I've been trying not to obsess (meaning I haven't participated in any online support groups) but as of today I just feel like I've fallen off a cliff with the whole thing. We've been seeking medical help for infertility since December and are getting nowhere. Nowhere as in no appts, no help, NOTHING but a big cheery "oh, you're ovulating, honey!" and ONE very questionable semen analysis.

So, when I say it's been 21 months- it depends on your definition of TTC, I guess? No birth control as of Jul-2012, but we did have a lot of disruption in our life (moving and family stuff) and figured we weren't getting the timing right. As of Jul-2013, we actually starting charting + doing OPKs. In Dec-2013, after 6 months of "really trying", we went back to my obgyn who ordered semen analysis for my husband. After much silliness (my name was on the sample, which the hospital lab thought was HILARIOUS and I didn't, really, not at all) it came back with 0 motility. OBGYN ordered a retest, then some girl named Jolene (add country accent: jo-LENE!) at the obgyn office called back and started adding additional tests "because the urologist will want it". What urologist? And who are you? At that point we were annoyed with the OBGYN office handling of the whole thing and since dh had a physical with our GP, he discussed with him instead. Had an exam, did 3 months' worth of boxers. Through all this, no evaluation on me despite my age - that's the "oh, you're ovulating, honey!"

By mid April we were done with boxers. DH calls the dr back for a new lab order to retest as per their original discussion. Instead, they referred us to a fertility specialist. 2 weeks later, the referral still wasn't complete - no appt. So I called the specialist myself (a girlfriend had also recommended him) and was told that they wouldn't schedule us until we completed all the paper work, which they would mail to us. 4 days later, still had not received paperwork, so I called back and they said they'd email it. (!! that would have been nice in the first place!!). Also, they said they're currently scheduling new patients in LATE JUNE. Now, 1 day later, STILL have not received paperwork.

So, I called another fertility clinic, again a girlfriend recommendation. I live in a cornfield; the first one was 1 hr north, and this 2nd one is 1.5 hours south. For the 2nd one, I have to fill out an online form and they'll get back to me within 24 hours. It's been 4 hours and I'm about ready to SCREAM.

In the middle of all this, I realize: NONE of these fertility specialists have a urologist on staff, which I presume would treat my husband's motility issue IF it even exists. So there's another big delay and difficulty getting in to a specialist.

What now??? Do I keep trying to schedule at one of these two fertility clinics? Try to go back to my obgyn? Try a new ob? (again- limited choices- mine is supposedly the best one in my small town). Should I be getting more treatment/attention than I have so far? Shoudl I send dh to a urologist? multiples of the above??

Sorry about all of the caps, I'm not normally a drama queen but I. AM. SO. FRUSTRATED.
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Re: TTC#1 at 36, dr referral craziness

Postby ekkotack » Fri May 02, 2014 5:57 am

Hi.....i'm so sorry you're having to deal with all this crap. I would say just keep being the squeaky wheel until someone sees you and gives you the services you need. I know it's hard when you live in a rural area to get quality healthcare. It might be worth the drive, though, to see the right doctors.
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