TTC #3 after 14 years and 39!

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TTC #3 after 14 years and 39!

Postby jajumommy2000 » Tue Jul 15, 2014 4:43 pm

Hi! I will be 39 tomorrow!! I wasnt sure if I belonged in THIS section, or the 40's, lol.

My DH (43) is Tony. Between us we have 6 kids. He has 4, DS23, DD22, DS19, and DD17. I have two. DS18 and DD14 in a few weeks. I also had a m/c in mid 2009.

This is my third marriage. I joined this site in 2007 with my second DH. He had sperm issues but we tried and tried with no success. I reconnected with DH in late 2009 and we started dating. Finally got married last July so we will have our first anniversary this Saturday!!! We want a child(en) that are ours. One catch is he is snipped. He got a V when his youngest was born. Due to that we cant go the traditional route. And we cant really do a reversal due to the time since he had the procedure. It would be $10000 up front and we dont have that, and we dont have the time to save that because of our ages. So, we have decided to go the donor route. We have an appointment on the 29th to see how this porcess will go and if it will be better if we DIY or if we use the specialist to inseminate me.

Anyway, I want to belong to a group of ladies like I did the last time i was on here. I want to share in successes and cry for BFN's. But I do know I want to either have another one or at least be pg by my 40th birthday!!!
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Re: TTC #3 after 14 years and 39!

Postby ekkotack » Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:51 am

Hi there! Welcome and good luck to you on your journey!!!
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Re: TTC #3 after 14 years and 39!

Postby emsyj2014 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:42 am

Hiya! I am 39 and TTC no.2 after 20 years!!!!!!! (this will be my partner's first) I have had a few problems this year, a MMC follwed by surgical management followed by no ovulation since. Just had a lap and hysteroscopy and it turns out i had some tube issues and a load of products of conception left in from the MMC!!! Grrrr..

So, i am now 6dpo (my surgeon was a miracle worker) and in the dreaded 2WW!!!

My surgeon has given me clomid to start next cycle if no luck with this one!! Thimnk he sympathised with my advancing age!!!

Hope all is going ok with your donor route... here to lend an (almost 40 too) ear if needed! :-)
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Re: TTC #3 after 14 years and 39!

Postby CyndiLooWhoo » Thu Feb 05, 2015 8:55 pm

I'm 39 too! I'll be trying for #3.
You can see in my siggy that we've had some losses so I'm nervous. Nervous to be 39 and trying!! I'm glad for the company.
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