Oral before BD day before ovulation

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Oral before BD day before ovulation

Postby avaldezgoblue » Thu May 07, 2015 11:06 am

Hi all! I am new here. Have been charting in a couple apps, but neither has just a forum for questions.

So, here is the situation: Been ttc since June 2014. Had a mc at 10 weeks in January. Started trying as soon as medicall cleared. This is my 3rd chart since mc. We have a 4year old, which took 1 month and BFP. I was 28 then, and am now 32.

My question: Last month was the longest cycle ever 36 days (usually 28), so I ovulated much later, which threw off all of my predictors. We had BD on Sunday 2x (one in the afternoon, and then one time before bed). Well, the before bed time we had oral before BD. Did this mess up the chances pf BFP this month. I ended up ovulating the next day of course and we did not have BD again until the next day. Bad timing.

My CF was not confirming ovulation, until I had already had my temp shift. I know I'm all over the place here, but thoughts...anyone???
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