Frustrating and confused

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Frustrating and confused

Postby TracieMarie77 » Sat Aug 01, 2015 11:05 am

So I have been on oral birth control. I have been under a lot of stress and this month totally messed up. I've been on it for about a year now. So I missed pretty much the entire second week of pills. I always feel like I still ovulated while on the pill. That seemed weird to me. Anyhow about 10 days ago I was having what felt like ovulation signs. I always get that cramping with it. I had sex the day before and that day. So 1 week ago I got what I thought was a period starting. It was a brown flow. Saturday I needed a pad but it wasn't very heavy. Sunday went most of day without a pad but then just had a little more of the brown flow so I threw one on. CM has been strange this week. About 2 days ago started feeling a pulling/pinching pain in my uterus area. Been headachy. Starting last night breasts feeling sore, different than what they would prior to period. More burning and itching pain. For giggles I took a test very early this morning. Definitely negative.

I am wondering if I could be experiencing very possible early pregnancy symptoms? Am I being paranoid or what? Some other symptoms but too hard to tell if related or just my normal issues. Earlier this week I felt like I could be getting a little cold, more mucous and feeling like itchy in throat and a little scratchy. Again hard to tell as I have allergies.

Anyone have any advice? I tried to post in the Am I pregnant but it won't publish it. I'm very frustrated. If I am possibly even 5 minutes pregnant I want to take care of myself. I do coincidentally have my obgyn annual appointment on Monday.
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