Very late ovulation. Lots of symptoms. Do these mean anythin

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Very late ovulation. Lots of symptoms. Do these mean anythin

Postby jhsgirl » Tue Oct 20, 2015 4:16 am

I'm 8 DPO today. I have the longest cycle in my history. My cycles are 28 days like clockwork. But this cycle I OVed of CD 31... and here are my symptoms... very eager to test.. but also telling myself it is too early... any help or comforting words please?!:

At CD 30 (11th Oct) had strong ovary pain in the left side. Rushed to the hospital at night to get a pain killer injection. Lots of EWCM this day and the previous day. Ovulation day as predicted by FF (and quite reasonable) - CD 31 (12th Oct).

Ultrasound the next day (OV day); doc said everything was normal. No cyst. No clue about why that Pain occurred last night. Said I have to wait a few days and do a HPT. Light EWCM. I was pretty convinced that the pain I had on 11th October was ovulation even though it is quite late.

1 DPO - cramps and pressure in the lower abdomen (usually happens a few days before AF). Dry Cm. Frequent urination. Started taking Progesterone supplement.

2 DPO - Ate like a pig. Mild cramps. Pulling pinching that lasted for about10 seconds. Little EWCM while peeing. Frequent urination. Feeling hot. Took temp and it was 36.6 in the evening.

3 DPO - No cramps or pressure in the abs. No symptoms. Nothing.

4 DPO - No major symptoms. Slight sore bbs on the side, I had some pulling pains on the side of bbs. And since 3PM started yawning and kept yawning for the rest of the evening.

6 DPO - Headache. Sore bbs.

7 DPO - Very sore bbs, headache, mild noticeable cramps, nips very sore and pinching all the time. BBs sore on the side and under nips. Occasional waves of nausea and dizziness. Had pinching in the lower ad once that lasted about 10 seconds.

I do get sore breasts every month before AF but this month it feels so different. Very intensive and disturbing. May be this is due to the Progesterone tablet or it means something.

8 DPO - Breasts still sore on the sides and under nips. Had pinching feeling on the right just beside the belly button. The TWW is killing and I’m losing patience + hope.

The pinching feeling on the right of the ab is repeating itself for longer times. And a slight wave of nausea after lunch at about 2:30 PM (not hungry since I had lunch just then).
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