Nuvaring disaster

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Nuvaring disaster

Postby Pleasetieyourshoes » Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:36 pm


So I took my ring out on 04 Jan like I was supposed to but then inserted a new one in 05 Jan to have a "holiday" from my period like the directions say.

My period lasted almost three weeks! It would come and go and drove me nuts, epscislly when we DTD and it got messy- yuck!

I took it out hoping to reset my body on 16 Jan. I inserted a new ring 19 Jan because the bleeding was awful. I also called my OB 4 times with no call back, to see what I should do. The bleeding stopped for good 21 Jan, the same day I actually got into the OB and she told me to just wait it out, my body was still adjusting to being on the ring since Nov.

We DTD 22 Jan and he wasn't exactly super good about pulling out on time. We aren't ready for a baby, but if it happens, it happens. I'm wondering if I should take the ring out now and wait out the two weeks to test. If I am PG, I don't want to hurt the baby.

From what I've read a LOT of people have had issues with the Ring too. Thoughts??

We also DTD and 15 Jan and before then as well- even as I was bleeding. Tonight started with a weird twinge/tug in my belly too.
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