4 Months TTC #1 @ 30

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4 Months TTC #1 @ 30

Postby TheMrsBriggs » Fri Jul 15, 2016 5:52 am

So we have been ttc for 4 months now. Every single month I get my hopes up just to be let down. I have charted bbt, used opk, and journal-ed every single symptom. I also use the Ovia app for ttc. And every month we bd on every fertile day and nothing! This month I found an O chart on justmommies.com. It is different than Ovia and showed different fertile days with symptoms I may be having on each day. It is dead on! (Note - I have only a 23 day cycle)

CD - 11 - July 10 - O day - had lots of ewcm and some o pain but nothing out of the ordinary for me.

CD - 12 - July 11 - 1 dpo - lots of ewcm, restless sleep.

CD - 13 - July 12 - 2 dpo - some ewcm, twinges in my right and left side very low. Restless sleep, back ache, head ache.

CD - 14 - July 13 - 3 dpo - school glue cm, twinges in my right and left side alternating, cramps, heavy feeling, pressure very low. Restless sleep, back ache. Super Moody! Stuffy Nose and super tired.

CD - 15 - July 14 - 4 dpo - school glue cm, still having the twinges in both sides, cramps, heavy pressure type feeling very low.Restless sleep, back ache. Super Moody!! Stuffy nose and super tired. Today I am thirstier than usual.

CD - 16 - July 15 - 5 dpo - still having twinges, still heaviness and pressure, still crazy thirsty, super tired even after a good night sleep, stuffy nose. New symptom this morning -- bb's are tender. Not unbearable but definitely noticeable.

I am trying so hard not to read into any of this because I know it is too early. Every month I get my hopes up and then BAM -- AF! This month is different though. I have never had these constant cramps, back ache and low twinges. I am never moody like this -- I have cried over something DH said or didn't say every day since O.

Can someone please shed some light on this for me? Could this finally be my month?
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Re: 4 Months TTC #1 @ 30

Postby LunaLovegood » Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:18 am

How did you get on after this post?
I completely understand what you mean. I think I keep overanalysing everything and always read into random symptoms. I am trying to conceive #1 after a MC (we had an unplanned pregnancy). If I remember well I only had minor breast soreness and period like cramps a couple days before AF was due, so all very similar to PMS. I didn't think for a second I was pregnant. Now it's completely the other way around! I keep seeing symptoms where there are none...
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Re: 4 Months TTC #1 @ 30

Postby Krissaten » Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:12 pm

Id also love to know how this turned out :) I'm totally the same lately, big symptom spotter driving myself nuts. Hope you got your BFP, OP!
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