35 + Irregular

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35 + Irregular

Postby aeltex » Mon Oct 17, 2016 8:30 am

Hi All, I'm new to this board but have browsed before. I'm planning on making an appointment with the gyn this week, but I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas about what's going on with me.

My history: Have had irregular periods for my whole life. Never tracked b/c always avoided pregnancy. Was on the pill for the past 4 years. Went off end of July. I've had two cycles.

Cycle 1
Period: July 28 (withdrawal bleeding from pill)
-Used Clear Blue advanced OPK. Never got a High reading, just got Peak.

Cycle 2
Period: Sept 2 (had some spotting before period started)
-Starting Sept 20 - Had High fertility readings for a few days. Got Peak Sept 25. BBD that day. I did experience the EWCM.
-Sept 27 - Temp 96.88 (assumed ovulation occurred this day)
-Sept 28 - Temp 97.27
-Today is 10/17. Have not had my period yet. Haven't had any spotting or menstrual-like cramps. I haven't been temping religiously b/c I didn't want to get obsessed, but my temp is kind of down (today 96.90). All BFNs. I would be 20 DPO, if I did in fact ovulate.

-I didn't really ovulate, despite the OPK readings and temp dip + rise. Now I'm just waiting for AF to come.
-I'm pregnant, but for some reason getting BFNs and temp is acting weird.
-I'm pregnant, but there is something wrong that is making it not viable. This would be disturbing but I am not afraid learning this.

I tend to be a little anxious, but I haven't been stressing myself out to the point where I think I'd be affecting my cycle. I'm really OK with not being pregnant right now, I just want to know what's happening in my body.

Only symptoms I've had that could be called pregnancy-like: some fatigue/sleepiness, boobs sometimes get weird aches
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