Hi Everyone, Probably crazy but going in for round 3!

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Hi Everyone, Probably crazy but going in for round 3!

Postby scaredofmenopause » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:53 pm

I'm 36 and DH is 42. We have 2 girls already, 5 and 7 love them to bits. For the last couple of years we've been going to and fro on the 3rd baby issue. Anyway about 6 months ago I started getting bad forehead acne and I've never had it in my life and getting thrush almost every month. My Dr suggested I take 3 months of my combined pill back to back as I was only getting thrush as a result of the PH drop with my withdrawal bleeding but I got to the 3rd pack and my body said enough already and I just started bleeding. I thought the hormone issues were a sign of peri-menopuse and it really made me realise my mortality. I decided I couldn't go back on the pill. I was done!! DH and I had a talk and we decided at this time that maybe we'd see if we could get pregnant again, but only try until I turn 37.
So I think I came off the pill early November, not sure of actual date, then I had 5 15 day cycles (I wasn't ovulating, or my body would attempt it then fail). After these being so regular I went to see the Dr to see if she could prescribe Clomid but unfortunately only a Specialist can do this so I got a referral and bought some Clomid online. Then I started reading about Soy Iso as well and bought some of that to try. I was around cycle day 13 when I did this. I was worried that they wouldn't arrive in the post in time for my next cycle. I've been charting so that I can record symptoms, because I just don't remember after 5 years and they aren't necessarily the same. To my amazement on CD15 I was given crosshairs, the reason this surprised me so much is because my BBT has reduced a full degree since my previous pregnancies, so I still didn't believe that my post O temps were in fact post O. That and I had absolutely no fertile cm..nada!! My only signs were high open cervix and partial ferning 2 days before O on my saliva scope.

1 -2DPO - Tender nipples (thought I hadn't O'ed)
3 DPO - Just feeling off this afternoon. Had popcorn at the movies and felt quite sick afterwards. Tired and sore nipples still. mild cramping since midday, keep thinking AF will come. Bleeding gums when brushing at night
4DPO - funny mild pains this morn. nipples still tender. heavy uterus. Not as crampy as yesterday but I was very grumpy this morn. Blocked ear this morning too. CM is more lotiony now. Cervix was extra firm this evening
5DPO - bloating somewhat gone, but weird twinges this morning and brown cm...think the witch is headed this way. Not as grumpy today. Metallic taste in mouth. 1.28pm very uncomfy in my office chair..maybe this is AF pains. The dog stinks today
6DPO - Spotting gone and cramping but had some weird stretching in uterus. Tightness in uterus this evening.
7DPO - still heavy uterus today. my temp has dropped a bit but def not below cover line. I'm wondering if it's because I got up to go toilet at 6am and it was quite cold. I took temp again 1/2hr later and it was back to 36.00. Noticed that I feel pretty good when I wake up but pretty sore by bedtime. I also have a mild case of thrush

This is where I am now..considering my hormone levels were low, the chance of actual pregnancy this cycle is slim, I'm just waiting for it to finish now..at a healthy length so that I can take the soy.


I changed my O day to CD 13 because I actually O'ed between CD12 and CD13

8DPO - Def hungrier today. Usually I survive until 9am just fine without coffee but today it's tough. very slight ferning today; last month I got ferning before AF..so might be out soon. Bad lower back ache and bloating in the evening. When I turned over in bed tonight I had what I was sure was round ligament pain - the sharp pull you get when moving too quickly - not sure that this can exist outside pregnancy, or maybe it's another progesterone thing
9DPO - second day of partial ferning...not looking good. Still lower backache and pelvic ache
10DPO - currently here
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Re: Hi Everyone, Probably crazy but going in for round 3!

Postby Danaa » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:03 am

I wanted to say good luck to you and I hope you get ur bfp really soon!!!
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Re: Hi Everyone, Probably crazy but going in for round 3!

Postby scaredofmenopause » Wed Jan 18, 2017 11:13 am

Thanks Danaa. Goodluck to you too!
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