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Super newbie needs to learn the ropes!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:35 pm
by Sophthegreat
Hey all!

My name's Sophie, I'm 30 years old and I live in London, Uk. (Is this site global or only for America?)

Me and my new husband just moved into a new place and are trying to conceive. I just saw the doctor and she advised to try naturally for a few months before coming back for some more specialist help for PCOS. I recently came off the mini pill but usually I would only have a couple of periods a year so am not holding out too much hope for the natural way!

In fact I am quite daunted as I feel I'm at the beginning of a process which could take many years. As many of you have said it's so hard to see others conceive easily. How do you all cope?

Lastly can someone let me know what all the acronyms mean?? I only know bfp, af and ttc!

Sophie x

Re: Super newbie needs to learn the ropes!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 7:59 pm
by BeeCee33
Hi Soph! I don't have any experience with PCOS, but I just wanted to say welcome! The lingo in this weird little world can take some getting used to, but here's a list you can look things up on of you see something you don't understand: ... dictionary

That list is actually way too thorough. I wouldn't know half of those off the top of my head lol.

The basics are as follows:
AF: period
O: ovulation
LP: luteal phase (AF to O)
LH: Luteinizing hormone (triggers O)
OPK: ovulation prediction kit (test that detects LH)
HPT: home pregnancy test
BC or BCP: birth control/ birth control pills
CP: cervical position (can also mean chemical pregnancy which is a very early miscarriage)
MC: miscarriage
BD/ DTD: baby dance/ do the deed (sex)
CM: cervical mucus
Ewcm: egg white cervical mucus (most fertile)
DH/DP/DF/DB: dear husband, dear partner, dear fiancé, dear boyfriend, etc.
BBT: basal body temperature
BFP: big fat positive (positive hpt)
BFN: big fat negative (negative hpt)

I think those are the basic ones you'll come across. You'll catch on fast. ;) This site is great, and very supportive, so don't be afraid to ask questions. The world of TTC can seem very complicated and overwhelming at first, but you'll find your stride soon enough. PCOS can certainly add a level of difficulty, but I have 2 cousins and a really good friend who all had babies in the last two years despite pcos. Best of luck to you and welcome to the boards!

Re: Super newbie needs to learn the ropes!

PostPosted: Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:07 pm
by BeeCee33
Oh, and FF is Fertility Friend, a charting program that a lot of people use. Even if you aren't ready to track your temperature every day, you may want to sign up on their website (it's all free, unless you choose to pay for a vip membership at some point, which just gives you a few extra analysis features. They won't ask for a credit card number or anything). They have a charting course for newbies that, along with teaching you how to chart, really explains the ins and outs of TTC. It's broken down into short sections that go over one aspect of TTC at a time. You will learn a ton there! You can sign up at

Re: Super newbie needs to learn the ropes!

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:59 am
by Jami#3
Hi I saw your post and had to reply.
At age 21 I was told I had pcos and would never get preg....well I'm now 30 I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter and a handsome 5 year old son that says every Dr was wrong! I was on nothing did nothing they were all natural pregnancies!! I'm now trying at age 30 for my 3rd baby! And sadly I did get preg last CYCLE and had a cm but that had nothing to do with pcos. Don't ever think you can't get preg and have healthy happy wonderful babies bc you can :) I'm always around if ya every need to talk or vent or just a friend to say hi to wishes to you!

Re: Super newbie needs to learn the ropes!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:05 pm
by Sophthegreat
Thanks both!

Jami, would you mind telling me a bit more about your situation? Did you conceive naturally or with 'help' such as IVF?


Re: Super newbie needs to learn the ropes!

PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:06 pm
by Sophthegreat
Oh and sorry for the delay in replying...