Its been awhile... advice please

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Its been awhile... advice please

Postby missygrrl » Fri Sep 22, 2017 10:07 pm

Hi everyone, i was hoping for some feedback

My mother in law took our kids for a sleepover last night (this almost NEVER happens) so hubby and I ended up baby dancing last night. We are not actively TTC because we have a special needs child that takes a lot of time and attention. Anyway when hubby pulled out I thought it felt a bit wet down there so I said to him he better check the condom and he said 'uuhhh yeah its broken' so I turned on the light and WTF the condom had almost ripped in two right through the middle.
I THINK that I ovulated round about this monday (today is saturday, we BD'd friday night), I havent been paying attention to ovulation but round about the start of the week I remember being quite wet down there and thinking I must be ovulating. I have since read that you can be wet down there as a lead-up to ovluation, so that said, I dont really know what day I ovulated. But I think it was yesterday I noticed a globby white lump of mucous on the toilet paper... so that could mean ovulation had definately finished?
So Im just trying to figure out what the actual chances are that I could be pregnant.... cos I really needed to lose some weight before thinking about getting pregnant, and I know Im probably going to spend the next two weeks completely obsessing over every possible 'symptom' (as ya do)...
Anyway, did anyone else get pregnant having sex a few days after they think they ovulated?

Kind thanks in advance for any responses :-)
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